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5-DAY Portrait in Oil Workshop in Mexico City

[Mexico City, Mexico] I’m invited to teach at Artistic Painting Classes in La Condesa Studio. This 5-day portrait workshop will begin with instruction on the proportions of the head from basis lines to more detailed rendering of features based on an understanding of anatomy. We will also emphasize working in a limited palette in oil so as to focus on tone and value. The fundamentals of drawing, values and edge relationships will be emphasized as they apply to the figure. Students will learn the Vaderccio underpainting, how to use glazing color technique to make the realistic skin tone. We will develop a likeness of the model by learning to interpret what we see, and by simplifying the features and focusing on basic shapes and forms. The first day of the workshop will be an orientation to all materials involved and a complete demonstration of the process of painting the head from a live model. Some drawing experience preferred.

For more information, contact:
Maria Beatriz Navarrete

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