Oscar Lars - Santa Clara, CA 

After Cuong Nguyen's workshop, I have achieved better understanding of the human face. Nguyen put a lot of emphasis on facial bone structure to understand what is beneath the surface, to achieve likeness. Cuong gave me good critique on my drawings, which not only made me understand what to focus on to perfect my future work, but also critique that inspired me to keep pushing to perfect.His studio space was very inspiring, full of his artwork that show his skill and inspires me as an artist. This is a perfect environment to spend a few hours a day to watch him draw, study his work, and listen to him regarding art and other artists.
I can most definitely recommend any workshop with Cuong, as I not only consider him to be a great artist, fantastic instructor, and inspiring human being, but also a great friend. 

Carol Lois Haywood - San Jose, CA 

If you are ready for concentrated, guided practice in the art of portrait painting, go to Cuong Nguyen. He will welcome you with real enthusiasm--and serious advice as you go! Twice I took his workshop, just to absorb it all!

Kimia Kasraie - Santa Clara, CA

I feel fortunate to have Cuong as my first pastel instructor and had a great time in his workshop at the Triton Museum of Art. I learned a lot about his brilliant technique in portraying lifelike skin-tones and facial features by watching his demos. I was very impressed with his ability to adjust to each student's skill level and style when giving critique. I definitely recommend his workshops and classes to anyone interested in figure and portrait drawing.

Galina Ilchenco - San Jose, CA

Thank you so much for your amazing workshop and your inspiring work! You are a great and very effective teacher. Your amazing technique and secrets are really changed my approach to pastel portrait painting and took me to the next level. Every time when I was coming to your class, it ignited the fire inside me, motivated and pushed me to the new horizon. Thank you again and hope to learn from you more.

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