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Verdaccio Oil Painting Technique at Flemish Classical Atelier, Bruges.

(Bruges, Belgium) In this workshop, Cuong will demonstrate his own approach to the old masters technique of oil painting using the verdaccio underpainting. Verdaccio is a greenish underpainting technique used byearly Italian fresco painters. The artist establishes all the values in the underpainting technique. Several transparent over paintings are then applied, achieving a realistic skin toned painting that glows.  Much like his pastel painting technique using the same method, Cuong has perfected an almost step by step method of achieving a great finished painting. Demonstrations and individual attention will be emphasized, enabling each student to produce a finished painting by workshop completion.

This workshop is designed to create a relaxed, informative, yet focused working environment for all skill levels. The core of the lesson will be based on drawing, values, edges, composition and creating life-like skin tone color.

Here is the description for the Oil workshop:

DAY 1: Introducing materials.
Preparation of the surface (canvas or linen). Cuong will do a drawing demo (charcoal on paper) from 10AM-12PM. Students will start drawing after lunch until the end of the day

DAY 2: Cuong will show the students how to transfer their drawing to the canvas. After transferring the image to the canvas, we will begin the Verderccio.

DAY 3: Learning Cuong's color palette. Apply colors on top of the underpainting, using glazing technique.

DAY 4: Continue working on the glazing technique. Start working on details.

DAY 5: Final touches.


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